You And Me Maldives For Honeymooners

Instead of traditional places to go for a honeymoon, explore places that will give you something to remember, and You&Me deserves to be on that list. There are other places and destinations when it comes to honeymoon, but this one is both romantic and beautiful. If you like greenery and white sand beach in the middle of the ocean, if you love adventurous and luxurious islands this is a place for you. Choose the most beautiful destination for a romantic trip to the two.

Perfect for honeymoon

For some people it’s better to spend money for an unforgettable honeymoon than for a wedding. Lately, a large number of couples decide to go on honeymoon but depending on the available money and time. On Maldives, you will have a journey from your dreams. It is understandable that everyone loves exotic and distant destinations, but you also need to choose romantic place, and You&Me is one of those places for sure.


Honeymoon is one of the most important journeys you will be going to, since it is your first marital journey. After a great anticipation and stress over the preparation of the wedding a honeymoon is a great way to relax and spend a little quality time with your partner. Many people find it difficult to negotiate with the partner and decide where to travel. Here are some tips on how to plan a wonderful trip, which will be really special, and you will remember your whole life.

Choosing the right accommodation

There are more than one hundred rooms near the water and on the beach. Rooms are cozy and joyful, there is something for everyone and no matter if you are on a honeymoon or a regular vacation rooms are extra cozy for several people, including your family and friends.  There are many villa categories you can choose.

Manta Villas

Manta Villas are one of the most popular room type among honeymooners. It comes with a finished wooden floor, a jumbo bed and a shower, and a shoreline deck with an impressive view. You can relax in this room and have a good time with your loved one.

Dolphin Villas

These natural estates offer something unique and relaxing, they accompany finished wooden floors, an extra-large bed, cozy couch, shower, and a shoreline deck with nice and precious surroundings. You will have good time here and you will never forget this villa.

Dolphin Villas with Pool

Roomy and private, these rooms offer nice perspective on the ocean and finished wooden floors, an extra-large bed near the ocean, couch is very comfortable, and you can use shower whenever you want, along with the view outside. Suite has a private pool where you can have good time with your partner or with your friends.

Shoreline Suite with Pool

Situated on the shoreline, these rooms have real and natural feel, with an excellent restroom including a bath and modern shower, an extra-large bed near the shoreline, there is also a deck and a couch, and private pool with private shoreline and view on the ocean.

Water Suite

These rooms are made with wooden floors, a modern restroom with a shower and a bath, a jumbo bed, couch, a sun deck to unwind and sunbath on the sunny day.  View on the ocean is marvelous and you can enjoy here every single day.

Water Suite with Pool

This room with stunning design has private pool and a place where you can swim in the middle of the ocean. The rooms are made with wooden floors, there is a couch, a restroom with shower and a bath, and don’t forget the view directly at the ocean.

You and Me Suite

This is their biggest room at You&Me Maldives, it is situated in natural surroundings. The suite has one huge bedroom, a washroom with a bath, a living space with TV and a small kitchen, a gym where you can exercise and stay fit. It additionally has a private pool. The suite offers all that you could need for amazing honeymoon in the Maldives.

Beside the room there is a spa where you can get a full treatment, there are several restaurants where you can taste authentic Maldives cuisine and we guarantee you will love every single bite. If you are not hungry, you can drink your favorite cocktail in the bar, or you can have breakfast in the morning after good night sleep. Maldives is a place where you can spend your honeymoon and where everything looks like just like from your dreams.

Don’t worry about anything while you are here, after you hit the gym or the spa, you can use wi-fi network to check your email or to post your newest pictures on your social media accounts. You definitely want your friends to see where you spent your summer vacation.


Everybody wants to relax and to have a good time during their honeymoon. You want to spend time with your loved one during your holiday and you also want to try some new adventures. If you pick You And Me for your honeymoon it will certainly not disappoint you. You must know what to really expect from your honeymoon. Maldives are one of the most popular tropical destinations where you can lie down and sunbath. Also, you can try walking on the soft sand barefoot, swimming, diving or even snorkeling, and it would be unforgettable journey. Honeymoon holidays can be very expensive, and you must plan your budget. Planning a budget for a honeymoon is very important. You can start with checking the flight costs for two, then you can check a resort under your budget. You & Me is a brand new resort but the prices are reasonable and in mid-range. Keep in mind the Maldives is an expensive destination.

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